Fay offers a variety of customizable workshops and webinars designed to help people in recovery thrive.

Workshop Participant Testimonials

“Fay has amazing energy. The group was superb. Very insightful and funny. Put the ‘icing on the cake’ of my experience so far in treatment. Would highly recommend.” – Participant in Thriving Workshop

“I loved how passionate she is and her experience in recovery made her easy to talk with …. Her content was amazing and connected to everything I learned here. Definitely the best workshop yet!” – Participant in Thriving Workshop Feb. 2021

“Very real life work. Eye opening.” – Participant in Thriving Workshop

Fay Zenoff delivered an amazing 6-week series for our Alumni Program on how to not just survive but thrive in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. She has an incredible mastery of the subject matter as well as outstanding delivery. Her content was engaging, relevant, and filled with practical and relevant content for treatment facilities and their alumni. Fay is one of the best presenters I have ever experienced. I have received countless praise and requests for Fay to come back for more! ”

Sandra Sims, Alumni Coordinator, Alta Mira Recovery Programs, Sausalito CA. Beyond Treatment Webinar

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5 Steps to Well-being:

  1. Understand that well-being is an aspirational outcome achieved by balancing 7 essential dimensions of health – including emotional, physical, spiritual, financial, social – with recovery integrated into all areas. 
  2. Determine what wellness actually means for you in each dimension.  This is informed by values and vision – as well as health experts.
  3. Identify the areas where you desire change and which practices/behavior/lifestyle routines support the wellness you seek to achieve/maintain within each dimension.
  4. Establish realistic goals to support making change/growth as desired (this can include hiring an expert/coach to help with this process!). 
  5. Prioritize time each day/week/month to focus on nourishing each of the 7 dimensions.  Contact Fay for tools and resources to help and to enhance each step!

A segment from ‘Beyond Treatment: Thriving in Recovery’ 6-Week Webinar for Program Alumni


3-Day Workshop: Thrive in Recovery

This three-day workshop focuses on integrating recovery into all facets of health and wellness so that participants have the framework, skills, strategy and support to “re-enter” their lives after treatment with a sense of wholeness – grounded in recovery. Participants are introduced to a variety of recovery concepts, wellness modalities, resiliency skills, coping strategies, and internal/external resources. Participants are invited to envision what they want for themselves in the future and articulate what life can look like in long-term recovery.

1-Day Workshop: Cultivate Resilience

These stand-alone one-day intensive workshops focus on cultivating resiliency. Participants have the opportunity to take a “deep-dive” into an area needing transformation utilizing one of many resiliency practices. The experience of engaging in these impactful processes support the awareness and progress of desired growth and change, as well as competency in and practice of utilizing helpful tools. Examples of 1-Day Workshop focus areas: Practicing Forgiveness; Cultivating Self- Compassion; Redefining Self-Worth; Living in Gratitude; Changing the Narrative; Quieting the Inner Critic; Tolerating Discomfort; Expanding the Capacity for Joy.

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