Workplace Solutions

Organizations can do more to support employees impacted by addiction

Rather than wait until crises occur and utilize a reactive and costly intervention-model of help to “rescue” individuals in the throws of trouble, organizations can proactively invest in creating recovery resilient workplace cultures and environments.

Research indicates that up to 40 percent of the U.S. workforce is directly impacted by alcoholism and/or other drug addictions. Yet, due to shame, stigma, denial and lack of trust, on average, less than one percent of employees turn to their company’s HR departments to seek support for substance use-related challenges.  

The costs of this invisible struggle go far beyond just jeopardizing the mental and physical health of those employees “using”. For employers, risks and consequences may include

  • Legal exposure associated with workplace accidents/injuries
  • Increased errors/mistakes
  • Toxic work environment
  • Employee harassment
  • Lost productivity – presenteeism, absenteeism and impaired thinking
  • Lowered morale
  • Undermined trust/reputation
  • Costly employee turnover

Develop a Workplace Recovery Resiliency Strategy

Fay works closely with leaders to ensure program design is aligned with organizational culture, values and vision to achieve the greatest possible impact with sustainable outcomes. For a full list of customizable programs and services, please click here.

Contact Fay to identify and adopt workplace recovery strategies, that support psychological safety and professional well-being contributing to greater employee wellness and organizational health.