ORGANIZATIONS: Choose from a customizable suite of programs and services to eliminate stigma and foster a recovery-conducive work environment and a workplace culture designed to improve the safety, productivity and well-being of all your employees.

INDIVIDUALS: Work with Fay, one-on-one, to change your relationship with substances, increase resiliency and thrive in all areas of life. Join an on-line workshop to build recovery connections as you learn tools, skills and self-care practices that can help strengthen recovery to enrich a dynamic and fulfilling life. Contact Fay for a 20 minute complimentary consultation.

THERAPISTS:  Collaborate with Fay in support of clients and/or their families struggling with substance use disorders/navigating recovery. Offerings include case consultation and sessions with clients and/or family members focused on breaking down resistance/denial, exploring multiple recovery pathways, overcoming shame/addressing stigma, integrating a positive recovery identity, developing strategies for “firsts” in recovery and designing a roadmap to recovery. 

FAMILIES:  Let Fay guide you through the process of supporting a family member in crisis or in need of changing their relationship with substances. Addiction is a “family disease” impacting the well-being of everyone concerned. Intervention is an option but there are many other ways to approach offering family members and loved ones your support. Fay is skilled at creating a clear, customized roadmap to help you maintain healthy boundaries while moving your loved one from denial to treatment and beyond. Contact Fay for a 20 minute complimentary consultation.

Offerings include:

RECOVERY WORKSHOPS. Intimate and engaging workshops (in person or on-line) designed to support impacted individuals enhance their own or a loved one’s health/healing journey. Participants include in-patient treatment program clients and alumni; individuals in early recovery; family members of a loved one with addiction; employees impacted by their colleagues’ use/behavior. Workshops include: Integrating Recovery; Developing Recovery Capital; Exploring Recovery Modalities; Dealing with Relapse and Shame; Building Recovery-Resilience and more.

INSPIRATIONAL TALKS. Choose from a variety of fresh, informative and inspirational talks delivered by Fay offering strategies and tools to cultivate resiliency and alleviate anxiety, fear, isolation and other barrier to well-being. Additional dynamic and experienced speakers available from across sectors and demographics who have been personally impacted and meaningfully transformed by their experiences with substance use, addiction and recovery.

It has become apparent during the current pandemic that one does not need to have a drinking/drugging problem to benefit from the solutions of recovery.

Messaging can include: Cultivating Personal Courage; Transforming Fear into Fearlessness; Transforming Our Narratives; Recovery as a Super-Power, Finding Help and more. See Talks section for videos & testimonials.

RECOVERY COACHING. One-on-one, confidential coaching sessions offer individuals needed support to integrate recovery skills and strategies into all areas of their lives. Providing individuals help to improve work-life balance while navigating the complexities associated with cultivating early recovery practices into their personal and professional lives.

RECOVERY CONSULTING.  Guiding families through the process of moving a loved one from denial to contemplation, active engagement in treatment into recovery. Fay is also available to serve as client advocate, conduct all aspects of program research, value assessment, insurance coverage, provide treatment options, provide education, design treatment/recovery plan, coordinate case management, identify needed resources, and support family members throughout the process.  

PROFESSIONAL TRAININGS. Subject matter-experts provide customized half-day to day-and-a-half trainings for designated groups within the organization to familiarize them with the sub-populations of employees impacted by addiction and recovery (including persons actively struggling with substances, co-dependent family members, impacted colleagues, newly sober/in recovery employees etc), with education about the unique complexities faced by each group; facilitate a discussion on how best to identify, reach and meet the needs of these employees and their teams; provide education on supporting long-term recovery; offer greater understanding of recovery modalities why substance use disorders are challenging to overcome; the role of stigma and more.

RECOVERY AT WORK: AUDIT. An assessment of company policies, benefits, management practices, diversity and inclusion efforts, cultural norms, environmental settings, and internal communications to identify opportunities for greater cohesion to strengthen, expand and/or integrate recovery-oriented wellness initiatives across the organization. This process helps to mitigate internal blind-spots and risks associated with norms that communicate incongruent messages and/or contribute to unintended scenarios that inadvertently perpetuate a culture of using, isolation, shame, stigma, discomfort, intimidation and/or discrimination.

RECOVERY AT WORK STRATEGY. A facilitated process to develop a comprehensive workplace recovery strategy and implementation plan to support the cultivation of recovery-conducive culture and workplace environments across the organization. The process may include input from employee surveys, feedback from in-depth employee interviews, the formation of an employee task-force, a Recovery at Work Audit and more.

The majority of people struggling with addiction, and other serious challenges stemming from substance use disorders, are doing so alone, unsupported by their family members or employers

RECOVERY-BENEFITS: AUDIT. A comprehensive review of employee benefits and health program to identify potential gaps/opportunities for expanding and/or augmenting primary offerings to provide more robust support for the long-term wellness and care of employees and their families – as well as cost-savings for the employer. This may include the identification and mapping of supplemental healing and wellness recovery modalities available locally and/or online so that employees have access to the right resources at the right time for the right price.

RECOVERY CREDO. A facilitated process of developing a company credo in collaboration with a cross-section of employees and HR professionals that can articulate the organization’s commitment to supporting employees’ behavioral health – including those impacted by substance use disorders. The credo can be framed around company values, address issues of parity, access, cultural shifts, supervisor trainings, needed environmental changes, new philosophy, employee support, social responsibility, etc to communicate the organizations commitment to addiction-recovery.

RECOVERY EDUCATION. Broad-based educational classes for management and the general employee population about substance use disorders and recovery with related topics such as the neuro-chemical impact of alcohol on our brains. These classes are designed to enhance the employees’ ability to make informed decisions affecting their own health, as well as cultivate understanding and empathy for people meaningfully impacted by substance use disorders and addiction.

PANEL DISCUSSIONS. Engage a diverse panel of experts for a curated discussion about workplace health, wellbeing and recovery-related topics such Building Trust; Cultivating Healthy Boundaries; Recognizing & Tackling Addiction Beyond Substances; Self-Disclosure & Stigma; and more.

Scaling & Customizing Services

All of the programs and service offerings are customizable to meet clients’ needs and circumstances. Classes, panels and coaching sessions can be conducted on-site or virtually (through live conferencing and online modules) to accommodate organizational size, geographical dispersion, scheduling, language preferences, and participant accessibility.

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