“One does not need to have a drinking or drugging problem to benefit from recovery solutions.”

Fay Zenoff is an addiction recovery wellness strategist, consultant and certified professional life coach working with individuals, families, treatment centers and organizations to support freedom from addiction and the integration of recovery into all facets of life – at home, at work and in community. Fay offers tools, trainings, resources and insights that educate, inspire, motivate and support people to make healthier choices resulting in lasting change.

Over the past decade, Fay has been fighting the stigma of addiction as a recovery advocate, while leading a social-impact non-profit working to tackle the drug addiction epidemic. Fay is a thought leader, frequent speaker, and educator on the topics of ending shame and cultivating resiliency in recovery. Fay holds a MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Business and has a 30 year career in management with experience in a variety of sectors including education, tech, financial services and consulting. See Fay’s offerings for more details about her programs and services. Full Bio below.

Personal Statement

“My work is focused on replacing addiction stigma with recovery empowerment. By dismantling the often subtle discriminatory messages and norms in organizations, navigating overt social pressures in community and replacing self-defeating thoughts and behaviors, my work aims to help individuals, families and organizations adopt recovery wellness as a mind-set, aspiration and shared value. By doing so, we can create healthier families, a healthier workforce and a healthier future.”


Fay Zenoff is a nationally respected addiction recovery startegist and certified professional life coach working to bring recovery solutions into organizations and families to support individuals and teams to flourish. Fay helps individuals to integrate and grow in recovery. She offers companies strategies, tools and resources to increase the health and wellbeing of employees in the workplace.

Her views, personal experiences and career have been the subject of numerous articles and interviews. See Press

Prior to launching her own consultancy, Fay served as the Executive Director of a San Francisco based nonprofit and was the driving spirit behind the emergence of Open Recovery as a change paradigm developed to help tackle the stigma of addiction.

Fay is a sought after guest speaker, panelist and educator who has spoken to audiences ranging in size from 6 to 10,000. To learn more, See Talks

Over the course of her 30+ year career, Fay has worked in both the private and public sectors – in the fields of education, finance, public health, technology and consumer products. Her professional roles have included consultant, coach, private wealth manager, advancement and executive directors. Client organizations and employers include Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Goodwill Industries, Select Quote, GAP, American Friends of The Weizmann Institute, Brandeis Hillel Day School, Fibronics, The National Council on Alcoholism and other Drug Addictions , Center for Open Recovery and Alta Mira Recovery Programs.

Fay has an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University with a BA degree from Sarah Lawrence College. in 2016, she was awarded the Courage Tribute by Constellation Behavioral Health for her contributions to the field of addiction recovery.

Fay lives in Northern California with her partner. She has been in recovery since 2007.


Fay draws from her vast network of subject matter experts to build unique teams of professionals able to deliver and facilitate classes, programs, and workshops to meet client needs Most of the colleagues with whom Fay works (be they addiction medicine doctors, scientists or consultants) are themselves either in recovery or have been meaningfully impacted by addiction – offering both personal and professional insights and experience.

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